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What We Do

MVOZ is a company established in the USA with more than 25 years of experience in professional Spanish Voice Over and English to Spanish translations and Interpretation services, we also develop content creation services in Spanish language for companies who need to expand their business towards the Spanish-speaking market. We are a native Spanish-speaking professional team that works with responsibility and passion in each project.

Making successful campaigns

Born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Malisa Valdez is one of the most talented voices of her country and Latin America.

Author of courses and books, former host of radio and television programs. She has built an outstanding career over the past 30 years and today is booked by the best world brands, not only for her beautiful voice, but for her English to Spanish translations services.

What Our Customers Say

A beautiful voice, Malisa is so profesional. we really enjoy that experience.

Maya Santos Student

We really enjoyed that adventure, i hope to work with Malisa again.

Jake Paulin Student

Thanks to Malisa, our campaign was a successful.

Nick Adalman Student

We recommed Malisa for your projects, she has the most perfect voice that i've never heard before.

Phoebe Smith Student

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